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Dec 30, 2012 6:00am PST
between art, business, and government. >> i got a call from the marine park director jamie gonzales and i said well what about if we have an underwater museum. >> do you want to come over and check it out. >> he said he had this 200-sculpture project that would be very interesting for cancun. >> reporter: taylor's vision was to draw park visitors away from the reeves by having them mingle with his underwater crowd. hundreds of local people posed for him. >> look at that face. he's brilliant. he's actually the first person when i came here. his name is joaquin. he had a pitted face and it came out so well in the card. >> reporter: the process is time consuming and arduous for the artist and the model. >> they come in. we have to get all the hair, slick it all back, put vaseline it and stop it from sticking to the mold. >> reporter: taylor's models have come from all walks of life. there's this nun. >> she was my spanish teacher when i first arrived. she's 85 years old. one of the oldest people i've ever carved. >> reporter: and this victoria's secret model. >> good bone structure. reporter
Dec 30, 2012 9:00am EST
and went to work for the federal government. - perfectly fine career options, but something just didn't feel quite right or didn't resonate with me and then i realized i wanted more of the rigor that attaches to something that's a scientific discipline. - coreg is the beta blocker. - ok. that's carvedilol. - right, the beta blocker. - so in her 50s, logan started all over again as a nursing student. she's doing her final internship at inova loudoun hospital, working on this day under an instructor half her age. - and this is sandy. she's a student here. gonna be two nurses for the price of one. - the last thing in the world i ever expected to do was to come back and get another bachelor's degree at my advanced age. nursing is like being in a candy store. there's so many applications of the degree and so many things that you can do with it. - and how does she feel being back in college again? - oh, it feels great. i wish i had had the discipline back then that i have now. i feel a lot more focused and directed and committed. it's energizing and it's f
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)